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Young Adventurers is a small, family owned service. In 2014, Emma and John bought 'Friday's Child Montessori' in order to carry out a vision. The vision was to help bring a high quality Montessori service to the Gold Coast. 

Emma has contrasted Montessori education with traditional education throughout her life - as a child herself, as a parent and more recently, as an educator. From each experience, she has reached the same conclusion - that the Montessori method, when implemented 'properly', provides children with significant social-emotional and educational benefits.  She looks forward to a day when it is more widely implemented in Australia.




John holds an MBA and has a background in business improvement and self-improvement. He brings his skills to the staff, children and administration. His interest in Montessori grew from seeing the benefits for his own three children.

Emma McAlpine Headshot.JPG

Educational Leader, ECT and Montessori 

Emma holds multiple university degrees in the fields of science, medicine and early childhood education. She worked as a doctor for ten years before resigning to pursue her 'true passion' in Montessori education. She is now a qualified and registered early childhood teacher and also holds a Diploma in Montessori education (cycle one) from the Montessori Institute.

Management Team


Early Childhood Teacher and Montessori Educator

Janelle has a Bachelor of Psychological Science through Griffith University and has previously worked as an ABA therapist and preschool group leader for children with autism. After taking time off to travel in Europe, she is keen to re-enter the field of early childhood and has been inspired to learn more about the Montessori method of education. 


Montessori Educator

Romela comes from Croatia and is fluent in three languages. While living in Italy, she gained her qualification as a Social Worker and studied the Montessori method of education as part of her course. She obtained her Certificate III in Childcare in Australia and has been teaching in Montessori settings for over ten years.


Working Towards ECT 

Samantha has almost completed her Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary / Early Childhood) at Southern Cross University, in addition to holding a  Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy. Since joining our team, Sam has very much enjoyed learning about the Montessori approach. 

Educational Team


Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

Rachel has completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary / Early Childhood) at Southern Cross University. Rachel has been with the Young Adventurers team for almost 3 years and enjoys establishing relationships with each child in the classroom. 



Monique is a recent addition to the Young Adventurers team. After working in retail for many years, she is eager to follow her passion in early childhood education and learn about Montessori as a method of education. She is currently undergoing her traineeship as she completes her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. 


Working towards ECT

Brittany has almost completed her Bachelor of Education (Primary / Early Childhood at Southern Cross University. She recently joined the Young Adventurers team after completing her student placement, with us. 

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