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Gross Motor Skills

What are they?


Gross motor skills involve movement of the whole body and/or large muscles of the body.

Gross motor skills are promoted according to age-appropriate gross motor milestones. They can be divided into the following areas:

  1. Gross locomotor skills - basic; includes:

    • Walking​

    • Running

    • Skipping

    • Gallopping

    • Jumping

    • Hopping

    • Climbing

  2. Gross locomotor skills - complicated; such as:

    • Hopscotch​

    • Skipping with a skipping rope

    • Swinging on a swingset

    • Peddling on a tricycle or bike

    • Using play equipment / monkey bars

    • Gymnastics

  3. Balance skills:

    • Balancing on one foot​

    • Balancing along a balance beam

    • Balancing on stilts

  4. Ball Skills; includes a variety of ball skills belonging to different sports

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