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Kate Wilson

I have twins that have been attending this service since April 2016. It is such a unique little Montessori service and the people there are so passionate about the Montessori theory, high quality care and education for young children. I’ll be honest before we started there I never knew anything about Montessori but seeing this first hand I have to say I’m very impressed. The passion and dedication of the team toward my children is outstanding. The things they have learnt since being there floors me. I’ve had 5 children of my own go through pre school and worked in early childhood for 20+ years and it’s undoubtedly the best pre school experience I have come across!

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Michelle Mike Jubb-Peni


Last year looking for the perfect fit to our family for a daycare we took a visit to young adventurers we could tell it was different and chatting and observing the team and children I could see this place was great. Xander was instantly at home and loved it, since he started at the centre we have seen him blossom, he has learnt so much and often comes home and teaches us things we didn't know. The loving but fun environment with the true Montessori learning system is a fantastic combination and Emma's passion really shows through. We were planning to move this year however after seeing how Xander had grown last year we decided we would like him to finish his Kindy year at young adventurers and put that on hold.

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Melissa Scheuber


To say that I'm happy with Young Adventurers would be a severe understatement. We joined the centre in 2015 after my displeasure with our current kindergarten and their program. To find somewhere that was going to meet our high standards for education would not be easy. However after much searching we knew that YA was the right move for our children and where they would get the best start for their schooling years. The Montessori method of learning paired with some of the most passionate and dedicated teachers I have met, make Young Adventurers, in my opinion, the best kindergarten program on the Gold Coast. It never ceases to amaze me how far my children have come in such a short time and that's thanks to the high level of education they receive at YA. Emma, John and the team engage the children in this wonderful world of knowledge that appeals to their curiosity, while allowing them the independence they need to grow and prepare for school. I would highly recommend YA to anyone that wants the best and highest level of care for their children. I'm pleased to say I have many more years to look forward to with all three of my children attending YA.

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Mikalah Koch


I am so happy with the centre, it has a homely feel, big enough for the kids to get lots of interaction but not too big to have children over stimulated. The topics of learning are so varied and thoroughly taught. The progression we have seen is amazing. Emma and john are very caring passionate people so i always know my son is in great hands.

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